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OSHA Silica Dust Interim
Enforcement Guidance: Housekeeping Practices

OSHA Silica Dust Interim
Enforcement Guidance: Housekeeping Practices

OSHA Silica Dust Interim
Enforcement Guidance: Housekeeping Practices

OSHA’s Revised National Emphasis Program for Respirable Crystalline Silica

Last month, OSHA established a revised National Emphasis Program (NEP) to reduce occupational exposure to respirable crystalline silica in general industry, maritime, and construction. The agency will use a combination of inspection targeting, outreach to employers,...

JOIN US AT MODEX 2020- Booth #1024

It's that time of year again! If you’re a professional in the manufacturing, distribution and supply chain equipment and systems industries, MODEX  is the place to be. This year’s show takes place in Atlanta, GA from March 9 to 12. Looking for the best cleaning...

What OSHA’s Switch to Leading Indicators Means for Your Safety Program

Late last year, OSHA announced that it would move toward using leading indicators to assess workplace safety programs. This article reviews what leading indicators are, how they can benefit corporate safety programs, and where you can find more information about how...

Massachusetts Lead RRP : “We are here.”

Despite the EPA delaying enforcement of their federally-enforced Lead RRP until October 1st, it seems that Massachusetts’ lead law, one of about 9 states who filed to administer and enforce their own version of the RRP,  is alive and kicking.  And the state...
Combustible Dust Ground Zero: The Real Story

Combustible Dust Ground Zero: The Real Story

I came across this archived article today and thought it was still worth sharing.  Written 5 months after the Imperial Sugar Factory tragedy, this Savannah newspaper article paints a dreadful picture of the blast heard ’round the world and really puts the...

Combustible Dust Housekeeping 101

Keep it clean and there will be no dust. If there is no dust there will be no fires If there is no dust there will be no dustcloud If there is no dust cloud, there will be no explosion Robert Zuiderveld impressed us with the above rhyme during a recent combustible...

Automatic Shut-Off System on S3 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Our new S3 vacuum can be equipped with an automatic solid-level sensor that shuts off the industrial vacuum cleaner when maximum capacity is achieved.  This feature is great for increasing productivity since workers don’t have to worry about overfilling the...

Ready for the Battle Against Contamination?

Check out the video on our NEW S2 and S3 industrial vacuums (more blog posts coming!) Ready to enlist the S2 and S3 in your maintenance plan? Visit www.NewNilfiskVacuums.com for more information!

Did You Know…Nilfisk CFM Food Processing Vacuums

Did you know… Nilfisk CFM HEPA vacuums and portable dust collectors for the food industry: Are trusted by food industry giants like Kraft, Hershey and Nestle? Are the number one choice for companies implementing cleanroom environments? Feature advanced filtering...

Combustible Dust Stakeholder Meeting A Success

Last week, OSHA held their first ever virtual stakeholder meeting to gather more input on the proposed combustible dust rule.  The informal chat was just like any other “chat room,” with OSHA posing 4 specific questions (see below) to attendees. Not...

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