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Fabtech 2019 Show Recap

Posted on November 22, 2019

And that’s a wrap for our 2019 industrial trade shows! Thanks to all our metal manufacturing customers and prospects for making FABTECH 2019 a great success!

For the first time, we showcased both our industrial vacuum and floor care solutions at FABTECH 2019 in Chicago, IL. In case you missed the event, here’s a look back at booth #B10057 and a quick recap on the products highlighted:

Industrial vacuums easily integrate with process machines to provide source capture of fine dust and make daily cleaning in production areas fast and hassle-free:

VHS110 EXP with Integrated Immersion Separator:

The Nilfisk VHS110 EXP with integrated immersion separator meets requirements for compliance with NFPA 484 for the safe collection of combustible metal dusts. The all-in-one design safely collects and renders inert Group E metal dusts, such as aluminum, magnesium and other commercial alloys, in a fluid bath.View product video here.


The VHC120 EXP air-operated vacuum for hazardous locations is a stainless steel, pneumatic vacuum cleaner ideal for a variety of general cleaning tasks, including heavy-duty applications involving denser types of debris. The VHC120 EXP can also be used in continuous-duty applications with few maintenance costs because it is pneumatic, with no moving parts.The all-in-one design safely collects and renders inert Group E metal dusts, such as aluminum, magnesium and other commercial alloys, in an inert fluid bath.

VHO 200 Sump Pump Vacuum:
Designed for the metalworking industry, the Nilfisk VHO 200 collects metal chips, oily cuttings, lubricants and coolant spills. Constructed of 304 stainless steel, this model features upgrades including a removable collection bin, a new float system for automatic shut-off, and improved airflow performance. It is equipped with a diverting valve that reverses the flow of air to pump out the tank quickly and easily for total liquid discharge. In just minutes, mixed liquids and solids can be collected, separated, discharged and recycled.

S3B Single-Phase Vacuum:
The Nilfisk S3B offers a high performance cleaning solution for a variety of wet/dry applications when only essential controls are preferred. It is ideal for many rugged metalworking applications. Run by 3 bypass motors, the S3B offers long run times with high performance and extended product life over traditional wet/dry vacs. A standard polyester star filter ensures steady, even airflow during operation, while retaining 99.1% of particles, down to 1.5 microns in size.

Industrial Floor Sweepers which also help pick up debris while keeping dust under control:

Terra 28B:
The Terra 28B walk behind sweeper delivers superior efficiency and performance. Featuring All Surface, All Purpose sweeping technology, you can clean from one floor type to another without changing the broom. In most situations you won’t even have to adjust the broom height. With low sound levels and easy maneuverability, this is an ideal sweeping and vacuuming solution.

For those metalcasting customers that might’ve missed us, we’ll be back at the FABTECH show in 2020! Check back for more information and free expo passes to our upcoming trade shows.