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Protect What Matters Most: Learn more about cleaning equipment for metalworking at FABTECH 2019

Posted on October 16, 2019

If you’re a professional in the metal manufacturing industry, FABTECH 2019 is your go-to event this fall. (Chicago, IL, Nov 11-14).

While you attend, visit Nilfisk FABTECH booth #B10057 to preview our complete line of industrial cleaning equipment to keep your product, facility and employees safe and compliant.

We will showcase equipment for collecting and separating chips and coolant, general facility cleaning, powder coating operations, and for the compliant collection of combustible metal dusts.

Here’s a preview of what Nilfisk believes “Protects what matters most” in your facility:

  • VHS110 EXP with Integrated Immersion Separator meets requirements for compliance with NFPA 484 for the safe collection of combustible metal dusts. The all-in-one design safely collects and renders inert Group E metal dusts, such as aluminum, magnesium and other commercial alloys, in a fluid bath. 
  • S3B, single-phase vacuum, offers easy-to-use dust extraction for versatile cleaning from the floor to inside process equipment. In addition to its practicality, the S3B vacuum features a compact design for easy maneuverability even in confined production areas.
  • VHO200, sump pump vacuum, designed to collect metal chips, oil cuttings, lubricants and coolant spills. It is equipped with a diverting valve that reverses the flow of air to pump out the tank quickly and easily for total liquid discharge. Within minutes, mixed liquids and solids can be collected, separated, discharged and recycled.
  • Terra 28B, delivers superior efficiency and performance. Featuring All Surface, All Purpose sweeping technology, you can clean from one floor type to another without changing the broom. In most situations you won’t even have to adjust the broom height. With low sound levels and easy maneuverability, this is an ideal sweeping and vacuuming solution.

Nilfisk experts will be available at booth #B10057 for equipment demonstrations and to discuss specific applications and housekeeping challenges.

We look forward to seeing you there!