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Keep Food and Workers Safe with Antistatic Food-Grade Color-Coded Vacuum Accessories from Nilfisk

Posted on September 6, 2019

Nilfisk introduces new color-coded food-grade vacuum accessories designed for combustible dust applications 

MORGANTOWN, PA – September 5, 2019 – Cross-contamination and combustible dust are two of the biggest risk factors in food manufacturing plants. Cross-contamination can lead to food safety incidents and costly recalls, while combustible dust can cause explosions, putting workers and facilities at risk. 

To prevent cross-contamination, many food manufacturers have implemented a color-coding system for tools used in different areas of their plants. However, until recently, there has been a lack of color-coded vacuum accessories that were also third-party certified for the collection of combustible dusts. As a result, cleaning crews could unknowingly put facilities in harm’s way by using standard accessories in areas where antistatic tools are required for safety and regulatory compliance. 

That’s why Nilfisk developed the EXA line of antistatic food-grade color-coded accessories that are third-party certified for added safety in combustible dust environments. Available in clear, white, red, blue, green, and yellow, these tools use Nilfisk’s revolutionary closed-circuit concept, which prevents non-compliant accessories from being used with Nilfisk’s explosion-proof/combustible dust safe vacuums. As a result, it simultaneously prevents cross-contamination and combustible dust incidents. 

“Our food manufacturing customers already face a multitude of cleaning challenges. They shouldn’t have to worry about explosions caused by an operator accidentally using a non-antistatic tool in an area that contains combustible dust.” said Daniel Peterson, Nilfisk Product Manager. “The EXA line will significantly decrease this risk. Best of all, these tools can be instantly incorporated into a plant’s existing color-coding system without requiring additional training.” 

Benefits of Nilfisk’s new EXA color-coded line: 

  • • They are antistatic and constructed of FDA approved materials for added safety in food processing applications. 
  • • They are third-party certified, suitable for use in Class II (except Group E) hazardous locations. 
  • • They come in a range of floor nozzles, crevice tools, and brushes to solve different cleaning challenges. 
  • • They are available in clear, white, blue, red, green, and yellow — colors commonly used in food manufacturing — so they integrate seamlessly into existing color-coding systems. 

Nilfisk will be debuting the EXA color-coded line this fall at the food processing industry’s biggest trade shows. Visit us at IBIE — Booth #7209 and PROCESS EXPO — Booth #2603. 

About Nilfisk, Inc. 

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