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Top 10 Vacuums for Silica Dust Applications

Posted on June 20, 2018

On June 23, the silica dust rule for general industry and maritime goes into enforcement. The construction rule is already up and running. As you know, compliance requires exposure control plans to be developed and implemented, which for many companies means purchasing new equipment. To help you make the best choice about your equipment investment, we’ve gathered our top 10 vacuums for silica dust applications, organized from smallest to largest.

1. AERO 26-21 HEPA

Our AERO series of wet/dry vacuums are compact machines that offer long-lasting performance. The AERO 26-21 with HEPA filtration is ideal for use with handheld grinders for drilling and cutting applications with an up to 5-inch diameter blade, as well as for light housekeeping. If you need powerful suction in a compact design, this is the vacuum for you.

2. ATTIX 33 & 44 HEPA

For slightly more demanding clean-up tasks, the ATTIX 33 & 44 series of dust extractors delivers high performance with low maintenance requirements. These machines work with handheld grinders for drilling and cutting applications with an up to 6-inch diameter blade. Our InfiniClean automatic filter cleaning system comes standard to extend the longevity of the vacuum.

3. VHS 120 and VHS 120 LP

The VHS 120 is a high-performance single-phase, wet/dry industrial vacuum with features that make it ideal for meeting OSHA requirements for silica dust collection. These include three levels of filtration, as well as, in the LP version, the Longopac® system for safe-seal material collection and disposal.

4. S3

Our S3 industrial vacuum is a more advanced machine, featuring innovations including an electronic keypad with LED indicators to monitor performance of the main and HEPA filters. It can also be equipped with level sensors for automatic shut-off and the Longopac® collection system. This is a powerful machine perfect for sand collection and general housekeeping in environments that contain silica dust.

5. S3B

The S3B also excels in sand collection and other general housekeeping applications in silica dust-containing environments. It comes with an easily cleanable main filter and a HEPA filter for increased safety. The S3B is a rugged machine with a larger collection capacity for high performance over an extended product life.

6. VHC200

This air-operated vacuum cleaner is our top choice for silica dust applications — like powder coating, foundry operations, and building construction —  where electricity isn’t available. It provides powerful suction for sand pick-up in a compact and easy-to-maneuver design. And the venturi has no moving parts, which keeps maintenance requirements to a minimum.

7. T48

For bigger jobs, like picking up large quantities of sand in foundries, the T48 is the vacuum of choice. Our T series vacuums come standard with a manual filter shaker for easy filter cleaning, and they can also be fitted with a HEPA filter. In addition, the Longopac® collection system is available to reduce operator exposure during bag removal and disposal.

8. VHT446 InfiniClean

Our InfiniClean system continuously cleans the filter during continuous-duty applications. This keeps your vacuum running at peak performance to both boost worker safety and reduce downtime. The VHT446 is ideal for many silica dust construction applications, like floor grinding, concrete refinishing, and polishing.

9. 3907/18

The 3907/18 is a large-capacity vacuum for continuous-use and heavy-duty applications, like picking up sand or grit in asphalt shingle plants. Its oversized filter area also helps guarantee high performance over long periods of operation.

This machine is also available with a skip hopper that can filter out heavier material so only the finer dust moves through the vacuum. This reduces downtime by extending the life of the filter and decreasing the load on the collection container.

10. 3997

Finally, the 3997 is a heavy-duty continuous-use vacuum cleaner with a three-phase regenerative blower, an oversized filter area, and a large collection capacity. Ideal for sand and grit pickup applications, this vacuum also features an easy-to-use control panel, a manometer, and an automatic phase correction device. The 3997 industrial heavy duty vacuum is also available with a skip hopper.

If you have any questions about any of these vacuums or need help selecting one, give us a call or send us an email. For more information about the new silica dust rule for general industry, check out these articles: