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Our Top 5 Articles of 2017

Posted on January 5, 2018

As we look back on 2017, we can unequivocally say it was an exciting year for the safety industry. We saw some new standards (e.g., OSHA’s silica dust rule) come into enforcement, while others (OSHA’s combustible dust standard) were taken off the table, at least for now. We also saw the adoption of new NFPA standards into building and fire codes, as well as an increased focus on hygiene and safety in industries across the board.

These themes are all reflected in the articles that received the most attention on our blog last year. Here are our top five most-read articles of 2017.

1. Experts Comment on How OSHA Abandoning the Combustible Dust Standard Will Affect Industry

In July, OSHA removed the combustible dust standard that’s been in the works since 2009 from its regulatory agenda. For this article, we interviewed several safety experts, including engineers, consultants, and even a former OSHA inspector, to better understand the implications for facilities where combustible dust is present.

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2. What is ATEX Certification? Is It Applicable in North America?

With more companies operating internationally, we get a lot of questions about equipment certified in other countries. In particular, there’s confusion about the European ATEX certification and whether ATEX-certified equipment is acceptable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in the United States. This article explains what ATEX certification is and how it relates to OSHA standards.

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3. Q&A: Silica Dust Compliance for the Construction Industry

In preparation for the enforcement of OSHA’s new silica dust rule, we hosted a webinar on compliance for the construction industry. After the webinar, we opened the floor to questions, which generated some great discussion about silica dust hazards, how to safely collect and dispose of silica dust, and how an industrial vacuum can help.

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4. Enforcement Has Begun for OSHA’s Silica Dust Rule. Are You Compliant?

OSHA’s new silica dust rule officially went into enforcement on September 23. To learn more about the standard and what inspectors will be looking for, we interviewed Abby Ferri, an independent safety consultant and president of The Ferri Group.

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5. 5 Hazardous Dusts Commonly Found in Composites Manufacturing

Composites are being used more widely in everything from airplanes to athletic equipment. While composites offer many benefits, their manufacture also creates a variety of dust hazards, including both respirable silica and combustible dust. This article identifies five hazardous dusts commonly found in composites manufacturing and provides information about how to control these dusts to keep employees and facilities safe.

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We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading our blog and wish you a safe and happy 2018!