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Celebrate National Bakery Day: Protect Your Workers Like Nilfisk Customer, Amy’s Bread

Posted on September 28, 2017

It’s National Bakery Day and the perfect time to recognize Nilfisk customer, Amy’s Bread (New York, NY), in continually taking the necessary steps to ensure a safe, productive working environment.

When asked about cleaning in the workplace, owner and founder, Amy Scherber first mentions the importance of meeting inspection and health code regulations, but quickly follows with the importance of providing a clean, gratifying environment for her employees. “The spirit of the staff matters and when they see a clean bakery, they work in a different way. Their energy is really positive when it’s really clean in here.”

With a facility over 30,000 square feet, the company’s largest challenge is maintaining a clean environment with practically non-stop, 24-hour operation. Again, with employees top of mind, Amy mentions the importance of Nilfisk’s strong, durable and user-friendly equipment. Employees now utilize floor scrubbers to collect paste created from flour and water right off the floor without left behind residue. Beams and overhead pipes can be cleaned efficiently without a ladder, resulting in quicker, safer cleaning.

It’s no surprise that meeting regulations and health codes are extremely important for companies in the food and bakery industry, but companies like Amy’s Bread go above and beyond to find and provide solutions to maintain a clean and safe working environment for their employees.

For more information on Amy’s Bread and Nilfisk floor-to-ceiling cleaning, view their customer testimonial here.

Amy's Bread