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Nilfisk Highlights: INTERPHEX 2017

Posted on April 10, 2017

Thanks to all our customers and prospects for making INTERPHEX 2017 a great success. We spent three days in The Big Apple focusing on our complete line of dust control solutions for the pharmaceutical industryconveying, containment and collection.

In case you missed the event, here’s a quick recap of the products we showcased.

Portable Dust Containment System

Nilfisk’s portable dust containment system for highly potent APIs, safely manages toxic dust during solid dose manufacturing processes to protect personnel, the environment and your product. This mobile dust containment solution comes in a variety of configurations to meet a wide range of industry specific needs.

“The Nilfisk product line is expanding to offer more than just vacuums. We’re offering more solutions for the entire manufacturing process in order to provide a more streamlined supplier experience for our customers and partners” says Gerard Geiger, Business Development Manager for the Pharmaceutical Industry.


The 3VT pneumatic powder conveyor is ideal for moving granules and powder from sacks, big bags and other containers to the required location in selected quantities within the desired time. This pneumatic dense phase conveyor transfers mixtures efficiently without product segregation.

Cyclone Separator

Nilfisk cyclone separators used in combination with in-process vacuums and dust containment units separate more than 95% of dust without any filter element, significantly reducing maintenance costs. These separators can be equipped with a wide range of optional devices – including sensors and alarms.

VHW441  Class II, Division 2

This new three-phase, NFPA 652 compliant vacuum was soft-launched at INTERPHEX 2017. Ideal for the collection of combustible dust, even in non-classified environments, the VHW441 makes cleaning in production areas fast and hassle-free and the perfect cleaning solution for continuous-duty applications. Contact your local Nilfisk representative today to learn more about this model.


Our most popular cleanroom vacuum – it’s a lightweight, portable vacuum designed specifically for use in cleanrooms and other critical environments. With compatibility to ISO 4 (Class 10) standards, the GM80 CR captures and retains the smallest toxic particles, protecting both the products and personnel in a cleanroom.


Compatible for both wet and dry collection, the VHS110 CR is suitable for ISO 4 (Class 10). Perfect for eliminating cross-contamination in the production area, the vacuum’s PullClean filter technology decreases downtime by allowing users to clean the main filter while the machine is running.


The VHW320 IC provides extreme cleaning power for continuous-duty or very dusty applications. The innovative InfiniClean automatic filter cleaning technology associated with this model allows the vacuum to continually operate while the filter is automatically cleaned every 20 seconds.




For more information, visit the new pharmaceutical industry section on our website at https://news.nilfiskcfm.com/industries/pharmaceutical/.