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Vacuum Filters for Industrial Processing [Free eBook]

Posted on February 28, 2017

Vacuum cleaners are critical components of any industrial cleaning program. Depending on your industry, the right vacuum cleaner can help you:

  • Protect your workers from exposure to hazardous substances, including silica dust and lead
  • Eliminate your risk of a combustible dust explosion
  • Keep your products from becoming cross-contaminated by microorganisms and allergens
  • Ensure you’re in compliance with both regulatory and industrial standards, like those issued by OSHA and the NFPA

For a vacuum cleaner to accomplish all of these things, it needs to have the right filtration system. After all, the filter is heart of the vacuum, responsible for capturing contaminants and other particles in the air and keeping them contained for safe disposal.

Our new ebook explains what filtration is, how it works, and the types of vacuum filters used for different types of industrial processing. The goal is to provide you with information you need to select the right vacuum cleaner for your application.

Download your free copy today.