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Top 10 Vacuum Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Posted on January 22, 2017

All processes and equipment used in the pharmaceutical industry must meet stringent requirements. Above all, they must help drug manufacturers ensure their products are safe, pure, and effective.

Here are our top 10 vacuum solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.


The GM80 CR is our most popular cleanroom vacuum, in pharma and beyond. It’s a lightweight, portable vacuum cleaner designed specifically for use in cleanrooms and other critical environments. Its four-stage filtration system, which culminates in a ULPA exhaust filter, is capable of capturing and retaining even the smallest toxic particles. This vacuum cleaner is compatible to ISO 4 (Class 10) standards.

If you’re responsible for the safety of the products and personnel in a cleanroom, this is a perfect solution for you.

IVT1000 CR with SAFE-PAK

The IVT1000 CR is a step up from the GM80 CR. This machine represents a newer line of cleanroom vacuums, notable for its quiet operation. The vacuum is no louder than the background music at a nice restaurant. In addition, the collection container and trolley are autoclave-safe.

Also compatible to ISO 4 (Class 10), the IVT1000 CR is our smallest vacuum that offers an optional SAFE-PAK, which is a special container for collecting, containing, and disposing of potent compounds. Also available: optional electrostatic discharge (ESD) or autoclave-safe accessory kit.


For eliminating cross-contamination in the production area, it’s hard to beat the VHS110 CR. This high-capacity, single-phase vacuum is compatible to ISO 4 (Class 10) for both wet and dry collection. In addition, it comes equipped with Nilfisk’s PullClean filter technology, which decreases downtime by allowing users to clean the main filter while the machine is running.


The VHW211 fixed vertical vacuum is a member of the White Line product family. This GMP-compliant product line was specifically designed to meet pharma manufacturers’ hygiene and reliability requirements.

The VHW211 can be integrated with processing machines where small footprint and high performances are needed.

VHW321 with or without SAFE-PAK

Another product in the White Line, the VHW321 portable vacuum is ideal for production areas. It comes with our new conical cartridge filter, which has a larger surface area for a longer filter life.

The VHW321 has the PullClean system for efficient cleaning and can come with or without the SAFE-PAK for potent compound disposal.

VHW420 InfiniClean

Also in the White Line, the VHW420 provides extreme cleaning power for continuous duty or very dusty applications. The innovative InfiniClean technology is a self-contained automatic filter-cleaning system, so the vacuum always operates at peak performance without any intervention required.

VHT EXP Series

The VHT EXP Series vacuums are explosion-proof and dust ignition proof. They are CSA-certified for use in Class I, Group D and Class II, Groups F and G environments, which means they can be used to collect combustible dust in both hazardous and non-hazardous environments.

3VT Powder Conveyor

Our 3VT pneumatic powder conveyor is an efficient, hygienic solution for moving powders and granules without segregation or attrition. By isolating the conveyed material, the 3VT prevents dust dispersion and production contamination.

In addition, a validation study done in collaboration with the University of Parma found that the 3VT effectively moved pharmaceutical mixtures while preserving their integrity and keeping the percentage of single components intact.

9505 Capsule Conveyor

As a complement to the 3VT, our 9505 pneumatic capsule conveyor provides an automated solution for transferring empty 00-5 sized capsules. This stainless steel machine is hygienic and user friendly, and it can increase your productivity by cutting your staffing requirements and load times by more than half.

Dust Containment Systems

Finally, for collecting highly potent compounds, you can’t get any safer than a dust containment system. In pharmaceutical processing, dust containment systems are frequently used to separate personnel from toxic ingredients. Our dust containment systems consist of safe vacuum units equipped with BagIn BagOut filter systems as well as filterless technology. These features provide the ultimate protection for your employees and your product.

And that’s a wrap! Our top 10 pharmaceutical vacuum solutions. Have questions? Contact a Nilfisk industrial vacuum specialist to learn more.