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Nilfisk Launches Dust Containment System for Pharmaceutical Suites at INTERPHEX 2016

Posted on April 15, 2016

Nilfisk, Inc. will launch an exclusive dust containment system for pharmaceutical suites at INTERPHEX 2016, Booth #2637. The system is designed to contain hazardous dust, like HPAPIs, generated during the solid dose manufacturing process. With a dust containment grade up to OEB5 (OEL < 1 μg/m3) during production, the units help to prevent contact with collected materials, avoid environment contamination, and protect operators from any risk during the manufacturing process and maintenance of the containment system.Dust Containment System

A proprietary Bag-in, Bag-out HEPA filter replacement system maintains a dust containment grade of OEB4 (OEL < 10 μg/m3) during maintenance. Personnel never come in contact with the contaminated filter. The sealed bag containing the filter is easily removed and safely disposed of. For complete cleaning, the unit can be washed inside with sprayballs to deactivate dust on the inside surfaces.

Nilfisk dust containment systems are custom-engineered for use with any tablet press, capsule filler, blistering machine and other equipment used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

Nilfisk vacuums are integral to the production process of nearly every major pharmaceutical company worldwide with products ranging from portable, intermittent-duty vacuums for general cleaning, to continuous-duty models for process-integrated applications, to central systems. For a complete overview of Nilfisk equipment for pharmaceutical suites, visit INTERPHEX 2016, Booth #2637.

For more information, visit www.pharmaceuticalvacuum.com.