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Avoid Combustible Dust Hazards & Contamination: Series Part 3

Posted on December 1, 2015

What does Nilfisk specifically do for its customers?

Over the last year Nilfisk has developed a complete, solutions based sales process to help better serve customers. This process involves several aspects and ultimately never ends.

Site assessments and product demonstrations are essential to providing a complete, appropriate application solution.

Following the site assessment, product demos with the exact equipment to ultimately be purchased are performed. These demos allow both the customer and Nilfisk to understand which equipment is appropriate for the specific application being conducted.

The process doesn’t end here; Nilfisk offers training and a preventative maintenance schedule for the life of the product.

Nilfisk has been helping industries meet cleaning standards and regulations for 100 years. With 7 divisions of equipment, a total industrial cleaning solution can be found under one name. Years of experience have allowed Nilfisk to gain knowledge in many industries and with many applications.

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