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Avoid Combustible Dust Hazards & Contamination: Series Part 2

Posted on November 24, 2015

How can companies prevent combustible dust risks?

Education is the first and main step towards the prevention of combustible dust explosions and fires. Getting involved in trade shows and trade associations are both great options to gain knowledge along with others who are in the same industry.

With regulations and standards constantly changing, it is important to receive help from the right people. A consultative approach is important and the Nilfisk sales team has been dealing with combustible dust regulations for many years. It is highly important to find the right solution alongside the right group of people, who have learned from many years of experience.

Customers should be prepared to make the right decisions and that lies on both the customer and Nilfisk. Customers should be aware that although there are low cost solutions, they could potentially pose a high risk. The total cost of ownership should be taken into consideration.

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