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Avoid Combustible Dust Hazards & Contamination: Series Part 1

Posted on November 17, 2015

What is going on with combustible dust?

Our combustible dust information series starts here with the basics – why is everyone talking about combustible dust?

Issues involving combustible dust heavily arose in 2008 when a sugar refinery in Georgia suffered an explosion due to combustible dust. Since this devastating event, standards and regulations have been put into effect to diminish the risk of combustible dust explosions.

Food Online host, Tod Schnick agrees that issues regarding combustible dust have “a recent push, but have been a long term problem.”

Industries have been increasing their awareness, however it is not enough. Exposure has been developed, but education is key. In order to provide the appropriate awareness, all companies must be educated and have an understanding of the issue at hand.

Lack of efficiency and not meeting standards and regulations is simply a safety risk.

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Check back next time to understand how companies can prevent combustible dust risks.