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Create a Clean, Happy and Productive Workplace

Posted on August 24, 2015

Facility cleanliness is an important component to creating a safer working environment. However, have you ever thought about how it can cut down employee sick days and absenteeism and improve employee attitude and productivity? In 2014, research conducted by a workplace services provider found that:

  • 48% of employees are unhappy with the standards of hygiene in their workplace
  • 88% of employees reported that the standard of their workplace impacts their productivity

Nilfisk customer, Amy’s Bread, purchased a model S2 vacuum to stay complaint with food standards and health codes but to also boost the spirit of the staff. “Esprit de corps of the staff matters and when they see a clean bakery, they work in a different way. Their energy is really positive when it is really clean in here” says Amy Scherber, owner and founder.

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Post provided by Vince Dimento, Senior Customer Support Representative.