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New Cost-Effective Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner for Rugged Applications

Posted on March 4, 2015

EliminatorProII_webNilfisk has announced the launch of the Eliminator Pro II wet/dry vacuum cleaner, designed to collect dust, debris and liquid in general cleaning applications and rugged environments such as building and construction sites. The new vacuum delivers 130 CFM of airflow and powerful suction while using only 8.5 amps of energy.

The Eliminator Pro II features a small footprint (26” x 17” x 36”) and a 12-gallon collection tank that is equipped with a 32mm drain hose. The vacuum cleaner comes standard with a multi-stage filtration system with a disposable bag (optional), cloth main filter and HEPA filter cartridge. New, tilting motor head makes servicing the vacuum easier than ever. The vacuum comes standard with an accessory kit that includes a variety of ergonomic hoses, tools and nozzles.

The Eliminator Pro II wet/dry vacuum is a re-designed model, replacing the now discontinued Eliminator II vacuum.

Visit www.NilfiskIndustrialVacuums.com to learn more.