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Internal Customer Service at Nilfisk

Posted on February 2, 2015

By definition, the Internal Customer is anyone in your company or group depending on you to achieve a goal. Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums works hard to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. Everyone within our organization affects the outside customer. The entire process, from order entry to production and packaging involves a dedicated group of people. Our continuing success depends on our ability to work as a team. Our group at corporate headquarters (Morgantown, PA) continues to thrive on excellent inter-departmental communication and cooperation. The attention to detail and sense of urgency to handle each unique customer request is extraordinary. This continues to improve as our customer service and sales departments use technology to stay informed on the progress of each order. The external customer will notice the quality. I found this quote from Benjamin Schneider, University of Maryland:

“There’s a remarkably close and consistent link between how internal customers are treated and how external customers perceive the quality of your organization’s services. A commitment to serve internal customers invariably shows itself to external customers. It’s almost impossible to provide good external service if your organization is not providing good internal service.”

We show how much we value the hard work and heroics of our inter-department team mates with our “caught in the act” program and other forms of appreciation. In closing, hats off to all in Morgantown for their varied roles in helping us in Customer Service achieve our goals.

Post provided by the Nilfisk-Advance, Industrial Vacuum Division Customer Service Department.