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Solving Specific Application Challenges – One Customer at a Time

Posted on November 12, 2014

In today’s fast moving markets, customers think that companies are not always attentive to their specific needs. Nilfisk is not one of those companies. Through our network of District Sales and National Account Managers, Nilfisk has direct access to end-users, and we make informed recommendations based on the application needs and the experiences of the entire support team.

On some occasions a customer brings to us a specialized application that is so specific, we don’t have an out-of-the-box solution. For these circumstances, a collective collaboration between the customer, our local managers and technical staff, along with engineering personnel at the factory, determine possible solutions for the customer.

Nilfisk CFM 118

Standard Nilfisk CFM 118

In a recent effort, a local pharmaceutical company had a specific requirement for a large number of units, which was not offered in our current product lineup. The Nilfisk team sprang into action, and offered a solution. Upon delivery of a prototype model from the factory, the customer examined, tested, and ultimately approved the vacuum. This resulted in placement of an order for 150+ units to fulfill their requirement! The customer model is a modification to Nilfisk’s standard 118 industrial vacuum. It has a stainless filter chamber, container and trolley, anti-static filters and casters, and galvanized motor plates. The customer needed the machine’s main components to be bonded, and required the stainless construction because it is low-sparking and easy to sanitize.

Although our normal lineup of industrial vacuums will cover most applications, there are times when a very specialized requirement will and should be considered, when it makes sense to do so. While not always possible (due to physical or regulatory obstructions), every attempt is well thought-out and evaluated, with the customer’s expected results in mind. All opportunities are considered and thoroughly evaluated before decisions are made.

This post is written by the Nilfisk-Advance, Industrial Vacuum Division Technical Department.