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The Nilfisk GM 80: The “Workhorse”

Posted on October 10, 2014

You’ve heard the quotes “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”, “Why mess with a good thing” or “Why try to improve something that works”? At Nilfisk, we hear this a lot about our GM 80. What you might not know is that the GM 80 is 57 years old!

Let’s take a walk down memory lane with the GM 80…

1960 advertisement for the Nilfisk GS 80 vacuum cleaner

1960 advertisement for the Nilfisk GS 80 vacuum cleaner

Its predecessor, the GA 70 was introduced in 1957, and then the GS 80 was then introduced later in the 70’s. The model number was changed to GM 80 in the mid 90’s when the 1100W Philips motor was introduced and shipped with the unit.

This vacuum design is one of the first to offer multi-stage filtration including a downstream HEPA filter, making it suitable for cleanroom use. The HEPA filter is rated for 1000 hours. The ULPA filter is also available as an option and standard on the GM 80CR. The large 2 ¼ gallon collection bag ensures hours of uninterrupted use if it’s what the job calls for.

It’s considered a standard for commercial and industrial use but its versatility and portability make it suitable for home use as well. It is offered as an option to the GS 90, GM 90 & GD 90C allergy vacuums for chemically sensitive customers. A friend of mine purchased one for his home in 1992 and still swears by it.

To this day, the iconic GM 80 is used and trusted by countless professionals for a wide range of industries and will not be going away any time soon. We’d love to hear your stories about the GM 80. Comment below!

This post is written by the Nilfisk-Advance, Industrial Vacuum Division Customer Service Department.