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Choosing the Right Industrial Vacuum for the Job

Posted on May 29, 2014

Filtration is the first, and most important, vacuum cleaner feature to consider for clean-up during and after the job. When working with fine dust such as pharmaceutical powders and crystalline silica, any standard filter will clog easily and often. The vacuum will lose suction and the user wastes valuable time cleaning the filter. Traditional vacuums aren’t equipped to prevent dust from escaping the exhaust and pushing hazardous materials back into the air.

Here are some other feature questions to consider when shopping for the right industrial vacuum cleaner:

  1. How often will the vacuum be in operation?
  2. Do you have compressed air power available?
  3. What type of electrical service is available?
  4. How much material will be collected?
  5. What collection options will you need?
  6. Will the vacuum need to collect liquid?
  7. What types of hoses & accessories will you need?

Need help getting started? Click through these interactive guides:

Interactive Guide_screenshot

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