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Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums’ Warehouse Sightings

Posted on November 12, 2013

Customers call us about all sorts of applications… food collection, metal debris pickup, product reclamation. The list goes on and on! Special applications require an on-site assessment by your local Nilfisk industrial vacuum representative and consultation with our product/engineering team. Behind the scenes of our customized solutions are mock facility/vacuum set-ups and experiments with material pickup. Here are some of the interesting projects we found in our very own warehouse.

This summer, we tested the Nilfisk CFM 3907 with cyclonic separator (attached to a 55 gallon drum) for a major central vacuum project to pick up cooper strips.

3907 with Separator

We caught this stainless steel Nilfisk CFM S3 as it was being packaged for shipment to a Canadian customer. Equipped with a suction arm, the vacuum will be used for source capture in a processing line.


A major food manufacturer wanted a solution for picking up empty sandwich wrappers from a packaging line. Did the Nilfisk CFM T26 pass the suction test?