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Data Center Clean-Up with HEPA-Filtered Vacuums

Posted on October 8, 2013

Data centers need to be cleaned regularly in order to protect equipment and employees from harmful airborne hazards. Accumulated dust and debris can contaminate the airflow within a facility and cause clogged circuitry, increased risk of fire, accidental fire suppressant discharge and miscellaneous health problems.

#19 GM80cutA maintenance program with scheduled cleaning intervals ranging from once per year to once a day, can keep computer rooms running at peak performance. When facing minor contamination issues in between maintenance visits by your preferred cleaning contractor, a HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaner is the best tool for employees to contain dust and debris.

Look for a vacuum that features a multi-stage system which allows debris to pass through several steps of filtration such as a paper bag and main cloth filter, with each level acting as a barrier to the next. By the time the particles reach the last stage, the exhaust filter, the majority of the debris will have been trapped by previous filters. A vacuum equipped with a HEPA exhaust filter retains 99.97% down to and including 0.3 microns to further prevent hazardous dust from becoming airborne.

Don’t forget to pay attention to these areas when cleaning:

  • around equipment
  • floors
  • underfloor plenum

Products to consider: Eliminator I, Eliminator II, GD 930, GM 80, GD 5 Battery Backpack HEPA Vacuum

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