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Grain Mills: Preventative Maintenance and Dust Control (Part 1)

Posted on January 11, 2013

Feed & Grain

Every week, we see news about grain mills with dust control and maintenance issues. Simply by the nature of their processes, grain mills have difficulty keeping a clean and safe environment. This series of blog posts will review solutions for general maintenance, oil spill response and combustible dust control.

Part 1:

General facility maintenance and employee safety go hand-in-hand. Providing a clean, sanitary environment means your employees are risk-free of job-related injury or infection. General maintenance in grain mills also addresses concerns like combustible dust and cross-contamination from allergens, bacteria and other hazards. These threats are heightened by the residual powder and dust created during grain processing.

While dust collection systems and other cleaning methods are accepted for facility maintenance, industrial vacuums are the ideal solution for efficient and effective cleaning. These vacuums provide safe ways to clean up combustible dust and help eliminate food safety hazards, keeping the product and workers safe.

HEPA filtration is an important feature of industrial strength vacuums. HEPA vacuums prevent hazards like mold and insect infestations and eliminate downtime caused by health and safety code violations.

There are many ways to ensure an industrial vacuum meets your needs and supports your maintenance plan:

  • If cross-contamination and the collection of ultra-fine particles is a concern, HEPA filtration should be considered a must-have on your vacuum. It will also keep contaminants from re-entering the air supply;
  • The range of dust and debris you’re collecting may require different levels of suction and airflow;
  • Stainless steel options for easy wipe-down and, depending on your environment, it may be required;
  • When there are multiple production lines that require cleaning, using different food-grade accessories like color-coded hose nozzles, can prevent cross-contamination of product; and
  • Cleaning times for manufacturing equipment can vary, so use a vacuum with a strong, high quality motor that can run for long time periods without any fluctuations in power.

Some options include the Nilfisk CFM S2S3 and 118 EXP.

For more information on general maintenance and safety in grain mills and other food processing facilities, visit www.foodprocessingvacuum.com.

Look for part 2 on oil spill response and part 3 on combustible dust soon!