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DIY Filter Changes on your Nilfisk Allergy Vacuum

Posted on March 12, 2012

10+ years with one vacuum cleaner? We have customers that can’t seem to part from their Nilfisk vacuums. What’s their secret?

Everyday we receive calls from customers who are looking for replacement accessories and filters to keep their beloved Nilfisk GS90 or one of our other allergy vacuum cleaners running like the day they purchased it. While our vacuums require little maintenance and upkeep, a little attention once in a while will keep the relationship lasting for years. All Nilfisk industrial vacuums feature multistage filtration, so each level of filtration protects the next level. If you’re diligent about replacing your paperbags and microfilters, you’ll easily extend the life of the larger, more expensive filters…and even the life of the vacuum.

Karri from our Customer Service Department is an expert on maintaining our home and allergy vacuums and we were finally able to get her to spill the beans on what you need to do to keep your Nilfisk GS90 around for a very long time. Check out three new videos on how to change the paper bag, microfilter, main filter, and exhaust filter on the GS90.