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Another FoxConn incident reminds us that fire prevention is key

Posted on September 28, 2011

Yikes! Remember the FoxConn combustible dust explosion that killed several workers and stirred up worker safety issues at the Chinese iPhone manufacturer? Well, another recent fire has put them back in the headlines. While the initial cause is being blamed on a faulty exhaust pipe, it is important to remember that should that fire have occurred in an enclosed area with accumulations of dust, the equation for a combustible dust explosion is complete. This incident reminded me of an article we worked on with John Astad titled, Fired Up…Combustible Dust Raises Explosive Issues. The article discussed the danger of manufacturing fires and the importance of preventing the hazard, which often gets overlooked for the more media-friendly “explosion.”  In many facilities, there seems to be a perception that fires are just a part of manufacturing, but that is not reality.  In reality, if you’ve had a fire and it did not lead to an explosion, then you got lucky. For best housekeeping tips and practices to reduce your risk of combustible dust fires, visit either of our focus sites: www.explosionproof-vacuum.com or www.combustibledustprevention.com.