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We Have a New Three-Phase Industrial Vacuum: Nilfisk CFM T Series

Posted on June 20, 2011

The new Nilfisk CFM T Series is finally here!  These three-phase, continuous duty vacuum cleaners meet the industrial demands of today’s manufacturing facilities, who realize the importance of implementing a solid housekeeping plan to keep workers safe and productivity high. The T Series is comprised of the T26, T48 and T63, and replace our well know SL series. (The T Series is basically the same as the SLs…just better. Sort of like the iPhone 4 compared to the iPhone 3). Watch the T-Series in action at www.NewNilfiskVacuums.com!

Constructed of heavy duty steel and polypropylene, these reliable machines feature solid construction and strong performance at an affordable price. Ideal for collection of powders, liquids, dust and debris, the vacuums are easy to use and maintain, even in the most challenging environments. 

Features and benefits include:


  • A manual filter shaker that quickly removes caked on dust from the filter’s surface, maintaining the vacuum’s maximum suction power and improving productivity.
  •  A unique release lever lowers the wheeled collection container and acts as a handle for fast and easy disposal of collected debris.
  • An optional HEPA filter ensures that 99.995% of particles are retained, down to and including 0.18 microns in size. This exceeds HEPA filter standards.
  • For safe collection and easy disposal, the T Series machines are available with a dust bag, safe bag, or Longopac® Collection System, which allows for the collection of material in an “endless” bag that can be filled with the desired quantity, cut, sealed, disposed and immediately restored for a new use.


 The T26, T48 and T63 are compatible with a wide range of Nilfisk CFM attachments and hoses to meet specific application requirements. For more information, visit www.NewNilfiskVacuums.com.