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Meet Our New and Improved Nilfisk SS Mercury Vacuum

Posted on April 8, 2011

SSMercIntroducing our new and improved SS Mercury Vacuum, a precision-engineered instrument designed expressly for the capture of inorganic mercury spills and the pickup of mercury compound dust. This stainless steel vacuum cleaner meets OSHA standards for inorganic mercury and is ideally suited for research labs, hospitals, instrument and switch manufacturers, or anywhere that requires a small amount of spill collection.

It features a superior filtration system that includes a removable carbon filter cartridge with activated carbon granules in patented honeycomb layers.  These granules provide the most complete contact and longest dwell-time between carbon and mercury vapors.

Other stages of filtration include a disposable bag and internal HEPA filter.  A reusable GORE-TEXâ collection bag is available to collect mercury for reuse or reprocessing.  The SS Mercury can also be equipped with an optional HEPA or ULPA exhaust filter for the recovery of hazardous or toxic dust in a controlled environment.

The Nilfisk SS Mercury Vacuum comes equipped with a smooth-lined Tygonâ hose that reduces mercury droplet residue, motor clamps for added security by discouraging unauthorized disassembly, and a heavy-duty trolley for stability. Want more information? Shoot us an email to questions@nilfisk.com.