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“Fishy” Tale of Vacuum Cleaners

Posted on March 4, 2011

Our vacuum cleaners can be sweet but they are “fishy” too!

“Nilfisk” was adopted as our company name by Danish founders, Nielsen and Fisker in 1906 as an abbreviation of their names. Coincidentally, “Nilfisk” in Danish means “fish of the nile” too! Many years later, it was discovered that Nilfisk vacuum cleaners actually have a lot in common with these amazing fish. I’ll just drop a few lines on members of the Nile fish family:

nilfisk nile fish logoThe labeo coubie, known as the vacuum cleaner of the Nile, lifts its food by powerful suction from the river bed. The syndontis schall uses its barbels like an extending hose to suck up food from hard-to-reach surfaces. Protopterus aethiopicus, the Lungfish, breathes air to function properly, just like the vacuum cleaner. The coincidences are astonishing! Finally, the mormyrops deliciosus with its long snout and wide jaws resembling early Nilfisk vacuums, ultimately becomes the inspiration for the Nilfisk company symbol.

We have our very own Nilfisk nile fish at the Morgantown office, swimming over a museum of classic Nilfisk vacuums!

nilfisk nile fish