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Meet your LOCAL Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums Rep (California, Nevada)

Posted on February 14, 2011

Say hello to Rob Millard, our Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums District Manager responsible for solving industrial housekeeping challenges in Northern California and Nevada. Rob joined the Nilfisk team in 2005 and has already helped hundreds of customers develop solid maintenance plans to meet government regulations, keep their workers safe, and ultimately increase productivity.  Rob has many success stories, including the one featured in our video case study on Harris Woolf Almonds. Thanks to Rob, the nut processor invested in a Nilfisk CFM 137 (now the S3) and DRAMATICALLY decreased cleaning time and received Superior Recognition from the American Institute of Baking. Rob also helped another nut processor, Paramount Farms, tackle product loss with a Nilfisk CFM central system that reclaimed pistachios falling off the conveyor lines. Aside from these success stories, one of Rob’s favorite challenges was helping a pomegranate packager separate the bad seeds (no pun intended)  from the perfect seeds. In the California/Nevada area and want to know how Rob can help you? Email him at Rob.Millard@nilfisk.com or call him at (916) 201-6811. Plus, Rob is also running a promotion: Trade in your underachieving shop-style vacuum for an S2 or S3 vacuum cleaner and get a FREE GD10 Back.