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We have a new combustible dust brochure!

Posted on September 24, 2010

In response to OSHA’s increased focus on combustible dust, we’ve  updated our Hazardous Location brochure, dedicated to industrial vacuum cleaners for combustible dust preventative maintenance.

The Industrial Vacuums for Hazardous Locations brochure is a 4-page, full-color piece that provides you with valuable up-to-date information regarding hazardous locations and tips to prevent a combustible dust fire or explosion through proper cleaning procedures.  Of course it includes overviews of our certified explosion proof/dust ignition-proof line of vacuum cleaners, plus a list of explosive materials the machines are capable of collecting, like aluminum, ethanol and sugar dust.

The brochure is posted here: Nilfisk CFM’s Brochure on Combustible Dust Preventative Maintenance.

And if you want info, including  stuff on NFPA 654 and OSHA NEP guidelines, visit our combustible dust focus site at www.explosionproof-vacuum.com.