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Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite…

Posted on September 17, 2010

Just the mention of bed bugs makes my skin itch; and lately, there have been a lot of mentions.  From hotels to planes to movie theaters, bed bugs are great hitchhikers; catching a ride on luggage, purses or clothing, our transient lifestyles have enabled easy travel for the buggers. Unfortunately, anyone can get bed bugs, no matter how clean you are; however there are somethings you can do to decrease your risk (besides enclosing your house in plastic).

From quickcare.org.

  • Wash all bedding regularly in hot water. The water should be at least 120 degrees.
  • Vacuum floors and furniture regularly. Use the brush tool of your vacuum to vacuum your mattress. Use the crevice tool to vacuum crevices in the mattress and your baseboards. We recommend the GD10 Back or GD930.
  • Use a plastic cover over your mattress. Bedbugs can’t hide on the plastic cover.
  • If you purchase used furniture, examine it for bed bugs. Pay special attention to used mattresses and bed frames.
  • Check your own bed for bedbugs from time to time. Catching them early will make bedbug treatment easier if bedbugs do occur.
  • If you travel, inspect your luggage when  you return. If you find any, vacuum them off.

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