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Massachusetts Lead RRP : “We are here.”

Posted on August 11, 2010

Despite the EPA delaying enforcement of their federally-enforced Lead RRP until October 1st, it seems that Massachusetts’ lead law, one of about 9 states who filed to administer and enforce their own version of the RRP,  is alive and kicking.  And the state is spreading a message:

“Tell every contractor you know we’re out there enforcing. Tell your friends, your neighbors, contractors you know, suppliers and trades. We are here and we will enforce the new law.”


These words came from a Massacusetts DOS inspector during a Lead RRP inspection at a Rockport, Mass renovation project. (Read the full story  here). The inspector admitted that the state is taking the rule very serious…and we believe him. Ray McCarthy, our Mass sales rep has been very busy taking calls from contractors looking for good HEPA Filter Vacuums, and the above quote certainly explains why.

While still very similar to  the EPA’s 40 CFR, Subpart E, the Mass  Lead Law,  454 CMR 22, does contain some differences. I’m certainly not an expert on the legalese, but Andrea Goldman from the Massachusetts Builders Blog knows what she’s talking about; she has started to outline the key differences on her blog.

Don’t live in Massachusetts?  The EPA has also authorized these states to administer and enforce their own RRP programs.

Wisconsin, Iowa, North Carolina, Mississippi, Kansas, Rhode Island, Utah, and Oregon.