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Did You Know…Nilfisk CFM Food Processing Vacuums

Posted on July 8, 2010

Did you know…
Nilfisk CFM HEPA vacuums and portable dust collectors for the food industry:

  • Are trusted by food industry giants like Kraft, Hershey and Nestle?
  • Are the number one choice for companies implementing cleanroom environments?
  • Feature advanced filtering technology with HEPA filters that guarantee the most thorough cleaning, capturing bacteria down to 0.3 microns?
  • Feature optional ULPA filters that collect 99.999% of all ultra-fine particles – down to and including 0.12 microns?
  • Are engineered for maximum efficiency, protecting filters from premature clogging?
  • Are available as intermittent-duty portable vacuums for general cleaning, continuous-duty models, wet/dry vacuums, and more?
  • Deliver the largest assortment of attachments, filters and hoses in the industry – including:  accessories for overhead cleaning, stainless steel construction, and food-grade, FDA-approved, polymer-constructed hoses?

Find out more at our new food industry focus site, www.foodprocessingvacuum.com!