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Combustible Dust Housekeeping 101

Posted on July 27, 2010

Keep it clean and there will be no dust.
If there is no dust there will be no fires
If there is no dust there will be no dustcloud
If there is no dust cloud, there will be no explosion

Robert Zuiderveld impressed us with the above rhyme during a recent combustible dust discussion on Linked In, but don’t be fooled by the poetic inspiration. Linked In’s Combustible Dust Policy Institute group is one of the most valuable combustible dust forums on the web. Aside from private consultants and combustible dust equipment suppliers (like us!), active members of the group include the people who’s voice really needs to be heard…manufacturers affected by combustible dust. Posts range from questions on best practices, to combustible dust statistics, to some healthy venting on government agencies and personal experiences. But in all cases, the conversation is honest, personal, and unfiltered.  So, if you haven’t already, join the discussion (Not a member of the professional networking site? Shame on you! Sign up…it’s worth it.)

Some things recently overheard in the combustible dust group:

  • According to media accounts there were 100 combustible dust related fires and explosions in 2009. 17% of these  incidents were dust explosions with the majority of all incidents occurring in national industries (NAICS) not recognized in Appendix D-1 & D-2 of the OSHA Combustible Dust NEP.
  • OSHA fines are like monopoly money. The large companies aren’t affected by them, because they can afford it.  The small companies aren’t affected by them because they will never be able to pay it.
  • Looking for a suggestion on a violation pending with OSHA. We were cited on two dust collectors in our shop…this is not a good financial time.