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Stay Safe! In and Out of Work!

Posted on June 3, 2010

It’s National Safety Month! Yes, safety is ALWAYS important,  but during the month of June the National Safety Council (NSC), which sponsors the initiative, is putting in extra effort to remind people to live and work safely. The organization  has identified weekly safety-themes and is encouraging companies to spend some time this month focusing on safe practices in the workplace.  You can see the full list of weekly themes as well as posters, tip sheets and other materials you can use for your own safety events here.

Many of the topics chosen by the NSC for this year’s National Safety Month are not necessarily related to workplace safety. They are topics like teen driving, prescription overdose prevention, summer safety, etc.

And as Christie (blogger on Online Safety Community), points out, out-of work safety is also important, which even we tend to forget (as an industrial manufacturer). But after all, if your employees aren’t safe outside of work, their unsafe habits can easily be brought into the workplace through sickness, lack of sleep, or just plain bad decisions that impair abilities.

“Encouraging your employees not only to be safe at work, but at home too, is great way to help ensure you have happy, healthy employees in the workplace each day.”

Source: Online Safety Community, http://www.safetycommunity.com/profiles/blogs/june-is-national-safety-month-2

Stay safe with Industrial Vacuum Cleaners!

– A clean plant makes clean air, which equals healthy employees (no silicosis)…and better products for happy customers!

– Industrial vacuums can easily and efficiently minimize dust accumulations on overhead pipes, machinery, etc. to reduce the risk of combustible dust fires and explosions

– Integrated into food processing lines, industrial vacuums prevent cross-contamination of bacteria and allergens (ultimately keeping the end-user safe).

Reduce falls by vacuuming up dust and debris on walking working surfaces

– Industrial vacuums are user-friendly and way more efficient than brooms, etc.  Not only can employees clean faster, they also can eliminate injuries caused by repetitious movements.

– Reduce occurrence of lead poisoning (and meet the Lead RRP) by using a HEPA filter vacuum when renovating homes or schools built before 1978!

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