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Lead RRP : D-Day is Right Around the Corner

Posted on April 16, 2010

My google alerts for the Lead RRP have been OVERFLOWING with internet mentions of the upcoming EPA rule.  April 22nd is D-Day, and it seems contractors are scurrying to get certified and equip themselves with the proper tools to be in compliance.  Today, we (Nilfisk CFM) created an application-specific webpage dedicated to the LEAD RRP and of course… HEPA filter vacuum cleaners.  The page addresses the basics on the RRP, defines what the EPA means by a HEPA vacuum (Note: EPA defines HEPA vacuums…they do NOT certify or recommend vacuums), and addresses some FAQs, including, “What vacuum can you recommend??” (Answer: For starters, how about Nilfisk’s Lead RRP Vacuum a.k.a the GD 930!)

So you’ll certainly be hearing more from us on this hot topic.  But for now check out the new webpage, and if you have any questions regarding the Lead RRP or HEPA vacuums…let us know.