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Nilfisk Explosion Proof Vacuums a Guest Speaker at IFSS–Thanks John Astad!

Posted on January 27, 2010

Reposted from John Astad’s blog, Combustible Dust Policy Institute, www.dustexplosions.blogspot.com

The 5th Annual Industrial Fire, Safety, and Security Conference (IFSS) in Houston, Texas will be hosting a Full-Day Combustible Dust Workshop on February 2, 2010, which will provide information assisting stakeholders in addressing potential combustible dust ignition sources. During one segment of the workshop, guest speaker Robert Zuiderveld, General Manager of Business Development Americas from Pyroban Corp. will share with attendees specific information on the operation of powered industrial trucks in combustible dust. work environments. Information throughout the full day workshop will assist stakeholders in operating and maintaining a safe workplace in addition to achieving OSHA regulatory compliance.

Good housekeeping is a major issue at facilities with the generation of combustible dust from combustible particulate solids. Many facility managers and owners are not aware of the proper methods in cleaning up the dust. You just can’t take a compressed air hose and start blowing down the area nor sweeping while unaware of the dust clouds that can be generated, which provide an explosive atmosphere similar to a flammable vapor cloud. Potential ignition sources in the process are inherent at many facilities. The safe and approved alternative is the use of an explosive-proof rated vacuum cleaner.

Guest speaker Bruce Gordon, Senior District Manager, from Nilfisk CFM will speak in the afternoon at the Combustible Dust workshop on “Proper Housekeeping and Explosion-Proof Vacuums Hazardous Locations” concerning good housekeeping that will minimize the likelihood of a combustible dust related fire or explosion in addition to achieving regulatory compliance. OSHA combustible dust citations are costly yet a catastrophic secondary dust explosion leveling the facility can be even more of problem. Do you know about the combustible dust hazards at your facility? www.explosionproof-vacuum.com