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Nilfisk CFM 08 Industrial Vacuum Series: Puts the “INDUSTRIAL” in industrial vacuum

Posted on October 6, 2009

Loaded with features and benefits, the 08 series of industrial vacuums by Nilfisk CFM are the ultimate plant maintenance workhorses, offering power, versatility and a variety of features that enhance both performance and usability.

Ideal for process-integration systems, central systems or for general maintenance, the three-phase 08 series, which includes the 3308, 3508, 3508W, and 3558, gives users the cleaning muscle they need for continuous duty applications, effectively collecting and retaining contaminants such as dust, bacteria, or packaging scraps. Features include:

  • Efficient filtration: Graduated filtration, oversized filters and HEPA and optional ULPA filters that trap up to 99.999% of all ultra-fine particles, eliminate debris while keeping performance high.
  • Ergonomic filter shaker: Safely and easily purge the filter to prevent clogging and downtime. Reverse purge and electric filter shakers are also available.
  • Portable Design: Equipped with extra-large wheels and a wrap-around handle; users can push, pull, or maneuver the vacuum with ease.
  • Low Noise Operation: The 08 series is quieter than ever, with a sound suppressor that reduces the speed of the exhaust air and muffles the sounds for increased worker comfort and safety.
  • Stainless Steel models: prevent contamination from the vacuum itself; can be easily cleaned

In addition, the modular Nilfisk CFM 08 Series vacuums can be customized based on the type of materials being collected (i.e., fine dust/powders, debris, toxic materials, liquids, etc.) using dozens of interchangeable accessories, hoses, and filters—including those for overhead cleaning. Stainless steel models are also available.

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