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Aircraft Overhaul Personnel Can Breathe Easier

Posted on May 8, 2008

Aircraft overhaul is a dusty business. Debris is generated throughout the entire process and can create an inefficient and unhealthy work environment. A strong maintenance plan is key, which is why Nilfisk CFM, the world’s leading industrial vacuum manufacturer, developed portable central vacuum systems specifically for aircraft overhaul and corrosion control.

“The portable central vacuum systems are 100% customer-driven,” said Don McCarthy, Government and OEM Development Manager. “After a comprehensive site survey, each system is custom-built and can be used in a variety of aircrafts, from helicopters to F18’s to 747s. What’s most appealing about our systems is that they are easily assembled and maneuverable without yards of hose and cord getting in the way. They also eliminate the costs associated with maintaining several vacuums that are inefficient and take up space.”

Powered by a variety of three-phase vacuums ranging in HP from 5 to 30, Nilfisk’s portable central vacuum systems consist of transportable tubes that are easily erected within the airframe. The tubes are equipped with several drops that allow for up to 10 simultaneous users and access to hard-to-reach areas. When an aircraft is finished, the structure is simply taken down and moved into the next airframe project. In addition, the system allows for a wide range of options in order to meet the industry’s diverse cleaning challenges. Features include:

§ Adjustable, lightweight tube

§ Flexible conductive hose

§ Easy hook up to vacuum-assisted power tools

§ HEPA/ULPA filtration

§ Explosion-proof option

A diagram of the system and samples of tubing will be displayed at several 2008 aviation trade shows, including the upcoming Air Force Corrosion Conference. For more information or to schedule a free overhaul facility assessment, please visit www.stop-the-dust.com or call 1-800-645-3475.