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Compliance for Food Manufacturers: The High Cost of Doing Nothing

October 17, 2016   9:00 am
Compliance - High Cost of Doing Nothing
Do you feel like there are so many new compliance regulations that you don’t even know where to start? The compliance landscape for the food industry is already complex. And between FSMA (rolling out now), NFPA 652 (finalized September 2015, compliance dates starting in 2018), and OSHA’s combustible dust standard (tentatively planned for 2018), that complexity […] Read More   >

7 Common Safety Mistakes in Food Plants

March 22, 2016   10:51 am
food plant safety
Safety. Ask any food manufacturer what’s top of mind these days, and that’s what they’ll say. While much of the emphasis is on the safety of food products (especially with the Food Safety Modernization Act coming into play), the safety of the workers who make those products has seen more attention the past several years. […] Read More   >

Nilfisk Industrial Vacuum Collects Crab Seasoning

November 4, 2014   1:18 pm
Check out our latest video featuring customer, J.O. Spice Company, Baltimore, Maryland based manufacturer and distributor of crab seasonings, spices, batters and breadings. Earlier this year, J.O. Spice was looking for a solution to collect settled dust on its plant’s walls and hard-to-reach areas. Now with the Nilfisk CFM S3 at work, they are able to efficiently and […] Read More   >

Grain Mills: Preventative Maintenance and Dust Control (Part 1)

January 11, 2013   1:45 pm
Every week, we see news about grain mills with dust control and maintenance issues. Simply by the nature of their processes, grain mills have difficulty keeping a clean and safe environment. This series of blog posts will review solutions for general maintenance, oil spill response and combustible dust control. Part 1: General facility maintenance and employee […] Read More   >

Food Safety: Tips for Finding the Right Industrial Vacuum

November 27, 2012   1:43 pm
Fact: the food and beverage industry recalled about 8.5 million units between July and September alone. That translates into about four recalls each day, according to the Food and Drug Administration. At a closer look, 74 percent of these recalls stemmed from concerns about product contamination from pathogens including Salmonella and E. coli; similarly, 18 percent […] Read More   >
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