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What Combustible Dust Standards Do You Have to Follow?

August 28, 2017   1:57 pm
If you’re up on the latest workplace health and safety news (or if you’re a regular reader of this blog), you know that last month OSHA removed the combustible dust standard from its regulatory agenda. What does this mean for you as a manufacturer or an industrial processor with a facility that contains combustible dust? […] Read More   >

Federal vs State OSHA: What You Need to Know for Compliance

August 23, 2017   5:59 pm
Safety First
We often talk about OSHA as if it’s just one organization with one set of regulations. But, that’s not true. In addition to the federal OSHA, many states have their own health and safety plans that employers must comply with or risk being subject to penalties. This article explains what OSHA state plans are and […] Read More   >

Is Your Shop-Style Vacuum Creating an Explosion Hazard in Your Facility?

July 26, 2017   12:08 pm
Electrical Sparks
One of the most common questions we get about combustible dust is whether an industrial vacuum is really necessary. Won’t a shop-style vacuum do the trick? While shop-style vacuums (i.e., the kind you’ll find at The Home Depot or Lowe’s) are great for cleaning your garage, your home woodworking shop, and even some commercial applications, […] Read More   >

OSHA Removes Combustible Dust Standard from Regulatory Agenda

July 24, 2017   11:06 am
OSHA combustible dust standard
OSHA’s spring regulatory agenda, released late last week, does not include the combustible dust standard that the agency has been working on since 2009. OSHA cited “resource constraints and other priorities” as the reason for abandoning this and other rules related to workplace safety. The agenda is the latest example of the Trump administration following […] Read More   >

Brochure Update: New Nilfisk Full Line Brochure Now Available

July 10, 2017   8:41 am
Nilfisk’s updated full line brochure is now available! Featured products include new Class II, Division 2 certified vacuum models to Nilfisk’s line of combustible dust housekeeping solutions and pneumatic conveying options for the food and pharmaceutical industries. In addition to these new products, the brochure also includes key information on filtration and offers a closer […] Read More   >

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