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OSHA’s Silica Dust Rule: How Vacuum Filtration Helps You Protect Your Workers and Stay Compliant

August 26, 2016   3:24 pm
OSHA’s new silica dust rule sets a very strict standard for workers’ exposure to silica dust. The new permissible exposure level (PEL) is lower than the previous one. For general industry and maritime, the PEL has been cut in half. For the construction industry, which accounts for the vast majority of workers exposed to silica […] Read More   >

Coffee Bean and Dust Collection with Class II, Division 2 Vacuum

August 19, 2016   9:00 am
Our newest cleaning challenge features the VHS 110, Class II, Division 2 vacuum collecting coffee beans and potentially combustible coffee dust. This specific application demo involves a filtered pre-separator enabling much higher collection capacity while maintaining the required suction power. The VHS 110, Class II, Division 2 vacuum complies with NFPA 652 housekeeping recommendations for the […] Read More   >

Silica Dust Cleaning Challenge Video

August 12, 2016   9:00 am
It’s time for another cleaning challenge. With the release of OSHA’s silica dust standard, it is now more important than ever to properly collect and contain silica dust. See the Nilfisk T48 in action: To learn more about Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums and/or how to safely collect silica dust, please visit Read More   >

5 Pitfalls of Selecting a Low-Quality Vacuum for Your Industrial Application

June 16, 2016   9:00 am
Many people have the misconception that a vacuum is a vacuum — as long as it picks up dirt effectively, you’re good to go. If you’re buying a vacuum for your home, this idea probably won’t lead you too far astray. But, if you’re selecting a vacuum for an industrial setting, the quality of that […] Read More   >

7 Questions You Should Ask Before Selecting Your Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

June 14, 2016   9:00 am
Whether you manage a food processing facility, a pharmaceutical plant, or a metalworking shop, an industrial vacuum cleaner will help you streamline your housekeeping and ensure a safe work environment. Industrial vacuum cleaners are designed for many different applications and environments. Here are seven questions to help you determine which vacuum is right for you. […] Read More   >
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