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[Free Webinar] Silica Dust: Understanding the Requirements & Provisions for Construction Industry Compliance

April 13, 2017   8:08 pm
Silica dust webinar
As you’re probably aware if you’re in the construction industry, last year OSHA issued a much stricter requirement for the new permissible exposure level (PEL) of silica dust. The enforcement date for this rule is September 23, 2017. OSHA recognizes the requirements for compliance are aggressive (engineering controls, housekeeping, sampling, and analyzing). So, the rule […] Read More   >

OSHA Delays New Silica, Beryllium Rules

  1:56 pm
OSHA rules delayed
In the past month, OSHA has announced delays to some of its newer standards, including those limiting exposure to silica dust and beryllium. Read on to learn the current state of these two rules. Silica dust: Enforcement date delayed to September 23, 2017 Last week, OSHA announced a 90-day delay in the enforcement date for […] Read More   >

ProMat 2017: Nilfisk to Feature Floor-to-Ceiling Cleaning Solution

March 28, 2017   12:38 pm
Come visit us at ProMat 2017, Booth #S3652 for a complete floor-to-ceiling industrial cleaning solution. Nilfisk will feature floor, surface and vacuum cleaning equipment to protect the quality of products and processes in your manufacturing environment. Nilfisk, Inc. is the only company in North America to provide cleaning equipment to cover your entire facility. Stop […] Read More   >

Tablets & Capsules Q&A: Isolation and Containment Equipment for HPAPIs

March 24, 2017   9:00 am
Pharmaceuticals - Tablets
Highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs) are becoming more common in solid dose manufacturing. How can isolation and containment equipment help manufacturers ensure safe and pure environments for working with these toxic compounds? This is the question Gerard Geiger, Nilfisk business development manager for the pharmaceutical industry, takes on in this month’s Tablets & Capsules: Solid Dose […] Read More   >

7 Ways Dust Control Improves Composite Manufacturing Operations

March 23, 2017   10:28 am
Inside Aerospace Manufacturing Plant
For composite manufacturers, dust is a constant. Whether you make aircraft wings, car fenders, or tennis rackets, chances are if you look around your facility, you’ll see plenty of dust. Because it’s everywhere, dust can affect many different aspects of your operations, especially if it’s not properly controlled. In that way, controlling your dust is […] Read More   >
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