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OSHA Silica Dust Interim Enforcement Guidance: Housekeeping Practices

October 30, 2017   12:11 pm
OSHA recently released an interim enforcement guidance for the new silica standard. The guidance will be in place until the official compliance directive is available. The interim guidance doesn’t address all parts of the new standard, but it does include housekeeping, answering some of big questions about enforcement, like whether sweeping compounds are acceptable for […] Read More   >

Enforcement Has Begun for OSHA’s Silica Dust Rule. Are You Compliant?

September 25, 2017   11:40 am
After several delays, OSHA’s new silica dust standard became enforceable on September 23. But, there’s a caveat, at least for the construction industry. Last week, the agency announced a 30-day period of light enforcement, during which they consider “good faith efforts” toward compliance. The agency cites the “novelty of the Table 1 approach” as the […] Read More   >

Mesothelioma: Are You and Your Employees at Risk?

September 15, 2017   2:09 pm
asbestos roof
September 26 is Mesothelioma Awareness Day. Learn more about this day from the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) and join in on their Twitter chat at 1 pm EST. Did you know that some brake pads, insulation materials, valves, boilers, hair dryers, and even potting soil contain asbestos? While most people know that homes with […] Read More   >

OSHA Proposes to Revoke Provisions of the Beryllium Rule for Construction, Shipyard Workers

June 27, 2017   3:28 pm
OSHA today issued a proposed rule to revoke certain provisions of its new beryllium rule for the construction and shipyard industries. The rule went into effect in May, following two delays. There are three beryllium standards — one for general industry, one for shipyards, and one for construction. The new proposed rule affects the standards […] Read More   >

Nilfisk Launches New Continuous Duty Line of NRTL-Certified Class II, Division 2 Vacuums for the Safe Collection of Combustible Dust

May 30, 2017   10:39 am
Nilfisk announces the launch of two new lines of NRTL-certified continuous duty industrial vacuums for Class II, Division 2 and non-classified environments. All vacuums feature ETL-certification and  are designed to meet NFPA 652 housekeeping recommendations for the safe collection of combustible dust, as laid out in Section Machine design requirements to ensure NFPA 652 […] Read More   >
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