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Celebrate National Bakery Day: Protect Your Workers Like Nilfisk Customer, Amy’s Bread

September 28, 2017   5:27 am
It’s National Bakery Day and the perfect time to recognize Nilfisk customer, Amy’s Bread (New York, NY), in continually taking the necessary steps to ensure a safe, productive working environment. When asked about cleaning in the workplace, owner and founder, Amy Scherber first mentions the importance of meeting inspection and health code regulations, but quickly […] Read More   >

Create a Clean, Happy and Productive Workplace

August 24, 2015   8:10 am
industrial vacuum food safety
Facility cleanliness is an important component to creating a safer working environment. However, have you ever thought about how it can cut down employee sick days and absenteeism and improve employee attitude and productivity? In 2014, research conducted by a workplace services provider found that: 48% of employees are unhappy with the standards of hygiene […] Read More   >

Keeping Amy’s Bread Clean and Compliant with Nilfisk Equipment

May 11, 2015   9:39 am
Check out our newest customer testimonial featuring, Amy’s Bread (New York, NY), a bakery that specializes in hand-made, traditional breads. Recently, Amy’s Bread was looking for a solution to meet the challenge of collecting sticky flour and dust from surfaces including floors, ceiling pipes, and beams. With the help of Nilfisk equipment (SC351 push scrubber, SC1500 rider […] Read More   >

Nilfisk Industrial Vacuum Collects Crab Seasoning

November 4, 2014   1:18 pm
Check out our latest video featuring customer, J.O. Spice Company, Baltimore, Maryland based manufacturer and distributor of crab seasonings, spices, batters and breadings. Earlier this year, J.O. Spice was looking for a solution to collect settled dust on its plant’s walls and hard-to-reach areas. Now with the Nilfisk CFM S3 at work, they are able to efficiently and […] Read More   >

Museum Uses Nilfisk Vacuum for Collections Conservation and Maintenance

October 8, 2012   11:12 am
Macculloch Hall Historical Museum located in Morristown, NJ recently received a grant that enabled the purchase of a specialized Nilfisk vacuum.  The museum features examples of 18th and early 19th century porcelain, furniture, silver and presidential memorabilia. The Nilfisk GM80 with variable-speed control dubbed as the Nilfisk  “museum vacuum” is ideal for general cleaning around delicate museum artifacts, […] Read More   >
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