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5 Hazardous Dusts Commonly Found in Composites Manufacturing

April 25, 2017   12:05 pm
carbon nanotube
Dust is everywhere in composites manufacturing. If it’s not controlled, that dust can easily find its way into your eyes and lungs, causing irritation; into hard-to-reach areas, creating combustible dust hazards; and onto surfaces, leading to slip and fall incidents. Here are five hazardous dusts commonly found in composites manufacturing. Silica dust As the American […] Read More   >

7 Ways Dust Control Improves Composite Manufacturing Operations

March 23, 2017   10:28 am
Inside Aerospace Manufacturing Plant
For composite manufacturers, dust is a constant. Whether you make aircraft wings, car fenders, or tennis rackets, chances are if you look around your facility, you’ll see plenty of dust. Because it’s everywhere, dust can affect many different aspects of your operations, especially if it’s not properly controlled. In that way, controlling your dust is […] Read More   >