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Is Your Combustible Dust Risk Greater Than You Think? What You Need to Know About Particle Size

November 29, 2017   12:12 pm
As part of our effort to identify knowledge gaps surrounding combustible dust, we asked several experts what they see as the biggest misconceptions about this hazard. By far the most common answer we heard was that companies don’t understand the hazards present in their facilities. Lewellyn Technology Sr. VP Jason Reason said: “Companies don’t understand […] Read More   >

Will OSHA Accept ATEX? Answering Common Questions About Vacuum Certification

November 28, 2017   3:19 pm
Last month, we interviewed several experts about OSHA and combustible dust regulations. We also asked them about some of the most common misconceptions and points of confusion they encounter when advising clients. Dr. Ashok Ghose Dastidar, VP, Dust & Flammability Testing and Consulting Services, at process safety engineering firm Fauske & Associates, LLC, said that […] Read More   >