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Vacuum Filters for Industrial Processing [Free eBook]

February 28, 2017   8:25 pm
Vacuum cleaners are critical components of any industrial cleaning program. Depending on your industry, the right vacuum cleaner can help you: Protect your workers from exposure to hazardous substances, including silica dust and lead Eliminate your risk of a combustible dust explosion Keep your products from becoming cross-contaminated by microorganisms and allergens Ensure you’re in […] Read More   >

Protecting Your Workers Against Exposure to Potent Compounds in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

February 23, 2017   11:12 am
Over the past several years, the pharmaceutical industry has introduced a new range of highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients, or HPAPIs. These HPAPIs allow drug manufacturers to create highly targeted drugs that work faster and at lower doses than traditional medicines. They are also extremely toxic. There are several types of drugs associated with HPAPI […] Read More   >

Report: Judges Deny Request to Delay Challenge to Silica Dust Rule

February 16, 2017   5:46 pm
Law book with wooden judges gavel on table in a courtroom or law enforcement office.
According to a report today in PaintSquare, federal judges have denied a request from industry groups to delay a court case challenging OSHA’s new silica dust rule. In the case, industry groups and some unions are challenging OSHA’s logic behind several aspects of the rule, including the protection requirements and the provisions surrounding workers’ exposure testing. […] Read More   >