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Is Your Dust Combustible? Dust Testing Under NFPA 652

October 12, 2016   9:39 am
Have you tested your dust? If not, it’s time to get on that. Under the recently released NFPA 652: Standard on the Fundamentals of Combustible Dust, material explosivity testing is now a requirement for all facilities that generate, handle, or store dust. This means if you have dust in your facility, it’s your responsibility to […] Read More   >

Compliance, Contamination, and Customer Education – Big Challenges in Food and Pharma

October 11, 2016   1:14 pm
Nilfisk Business Development Experts were recently featured on the PROCESS EXPO blog. Here’s the full article, reprinted courtesy of the Food Processing Suppliers Association. _____________________________ As the Food Processing Suppliers Association, our main focus is, of course, the food industry. But many of the equipment manufacturers that supply the food industry also supply other markets. So, we […] Read More   >

Myth Busters: Explosion-Proof Vacuums

October 10, 2016   10:40 am
Nilfisk’s Myth Buster series continues here with understanding Explosion-Proof Vacuums. View the video here! _____________________ Myth: “Explosion-proof” is a buzzword that any manufacturer can use to describe its products. Fact: Vacuum cleaners and other electrical equipment must meet specific requirements and go through a regulated testing process to be certified “explosion proof.” This is one […] Read More   >

Nilfisk Introduces Floor-to-Ceiling Cleaning to Baking Industry at IBIE 2016

October 8, 2016   10:22 am
Nilfisk, Inc. is the only company in North America that provides cleaning equipment to cover the entire food facility – floor to process area to ceiling and we’re showing it all off at IBIE 2016. Stop by booth 9400 to check out our new products and learn more about floor-to-ceiling cleaning from our Nilfisk experts. And […] Read More   >
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