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Mississippi Floods will Lead to Mississippi Mold

May 18, 2011

Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums to donate portion of HEPA Vacuum Sales for Mold Remediation in Flood-Ravaged Regions to Disaster Relief Fund

floodFollowing a harsh winter across the United States, the Mississippi river has been pushed to its limits; it’s waters overflowing into millions of acres of farmland and residential communities. In the coming weeks, millions of residents will soon return to their homes and businesses to begin the process of cleaning up after the worst flood in 40 years. Unfortunately, drying out their saturated structures is only one part of the battle. Residents will also have to deal with mold growth, a common post-flood enemy.

As recommended by the EPA, only vacuums with HEPA filters should be used during mold remediation to collect dangerous mold spores stirred up during the mold removal process. Surfaces where the mold was growing should also be HEPA vacuumed, if practical, to remove any residual mold particles. The HEPA filter ensures that no mold spores pass through the exhaust and back into the atmosphere.

Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums’ abatement HEPA vacuums are often used by homeowners and remediation contractors in mold clean-up efforts, and we’ve already seen a flurry of activity from our customers looking for help as they clean up from the floods that have devastated their homes. While our vacuums will help them get the job done right; we’ve also decided to donate a portion of all sales from these vacuums (through the summer) to the American Red Cross disaster relief fund, aiding both the flood and tornado-ravaged regions of the United States.

Vacuums recommended for mold remediation include the UZ 934, GD10 Back, UZ 964, Eliminator and GM 80. These models are sold through your local Nilfisk rep or authorized Nilfisk dealer.

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  1. Mold is something you should attack the very moment you notice is. There is likely more mold than meets
    the eye which is why we don?t believe there is ever just a little mold. That?s why as soon as you notice it,
    you need to take steps to ensure that you kill it and prevent it from coming back.
    Black mold is one that may require professional help to remove.
    The following tips can help you clear up your mold issue if it?s not too severe.

    Some people may tell you to just paint over it, don?t do it. Paint will only mask the problem and
    can actually make is much worse since mold will feed on paint. Do not even believe the hype behind
    the paints that are branded as ?mold killing?. No paint can kill mold. It can only feed it and make
    your problem worse.

    It’s necessary to avoid having a damp home.

    Comment by Tom Athey — January 24, 2012 @ 5:25 pm

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